Welcome to Llantwit Major Milers

In April 2017, a group of like-minded runners exchanged messages following a Facebook post on ‘Llantwit Major hub’ enquiring if there was a running club in Llantwit Major.

Following this post, a Facebook group called ‘Llantwit Major Running Hub’ was initiated.

Soon the date of 27th April 2017 was set for the first meeting at Frampton Lane and was attended by an amazing 47 founding members, many of who still run with the club to this day.

‘Llantwit Major Running Hub’ soon changed name to ‘Major Milers Running Club’ following a members vote in May 2017, and was later rebranded to ‘Llantwit Major Milers’ in 2019.

Over the years the club has gone from strength to strength growing from its original Tuesday & Thursday club runs to incorporating an inclusive running programme, catering for all abilities as well as promoting health, exercise & well-being in partnership with other community groups.

The club delivers an annual Couch to 5k programme which has proved very successful and popular with over 100 beginner runners attending the 2019 sessions.

More experienced runners have the options of specialised sessions & longer runs throughout the week.

All club runs are delivered by qualified ‘Leader in Running Fitness’ (LiRF) coaches who are insured by Welsh Athletics.

Qualified First Aiders are also in attendance at every session.

Whatever your goal or ability, we'd love you to join us.

For further information please join our facebook group or contact us via

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